How pharma can win with digital world?

September 22, 2018
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October 2, 2018

The digital revolution continues to transform healthcare in a digital way. Where it is medicines, technology, patient info etc. there are 3 major changes that happen in digital pharma:-

· Dramatic changes in the traditional process and stats of healthcare have fundamental implications for pharma companies.

· It is time to think for them that it is a solutions companies, not asset companies.

· The technology is ready, but pharma companies must change if they are going to enable and harness it more successfully.

Five Ways Pharma Can Benefit From Digital Health Technologies:-

1. Data obtained via online support groups and social media:-

· Digital technologies can transform the way clinical trials are conducted.

· Social media presents a big opportunity for pharma to interact with multiple stakeholders in healthcare by taking advantage of information with providers on social media.

2. Innovative interactions with prescribers:-

· Drug prescribers have traditionally interacted with pharmaceutical companies via office visits

3. Easy access to and sharing of patient data:-

· The information available to pharma companies primarily comes from marketing studies, clinical studies, post-marketing registry and prescribing data.

4. Medication digital platforms:-

· Consumers who take prescription drugs stated that they’d be interested in using digital tools and mobile technologies to provide alerts and reminders to take their medications

· It is due to factors such as ease of use, cost, and comfort with digital tools in general, physician recommendations and demographic differences.

5. Retail medical clinics:-

· The steadily rising utilization of these clinics by consumers makes them a likely healthcare player for years to come.

· Digital tools that relate to medication, education and disease state awareness can all emanate from the retail clinic associated with the dispensary.

· There are far-reaching implications of the different types of digital tools described about the industry, which will vary by user.

· However, there’s no denying that these tools will come of age as both patients and clinicians become more digitally savvy.

6 Surprising Trends Shaping the Future of Pharma:-

· Empowered patients

· Augmented and virtual reality

· Truly personalized medicine

· 3D-printed drugs

· Body sensors

· Artificial intelligence
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