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September 19, 2018
How pharma can win with digital world?
September 27, 2018

It takes quite a time to decide on which business to choose? Experts say that one should pick a company that shows good growth.
Even if the competition is high, everyone gets a good chance of earning if the business is flourishing.
The pharmaceutical business is one of such high-potential business streams. It has been growing significantly in the recent years in India and worldwide.
The growth rate seems to be continued for several years. Hence,it is a wise decision to invest in pharma business.
Amongst several streams in the niche, PCD pharma franchise business is quite popular. It is a great business which offers scope to pursue the carrier.
What are the things that make PCD pharma franchise an exciting career?
Propaganda Cum Distribution or PCD is a term that describes the legal authority or right passed by a company to a third party to promote the services or commodities or goods.
It is an ideal business model for companies (or individuals) who want to expand the business at low investment.
Due to its capability of earning good profits without putting hefty amounts at stake, PCD Pharma Franchise model is gaining tremendous popularity.
These are the benefits of taking the pharma franchise business:
• An ideal and suitable model for startup companies who can’t spend big money.
• Small and medium companies can make a presence in broader areas as it is a cost-effective model.
• Low investment and high returns.
• Distributors can get monopoly rights to specific geography depending on the contract.
• Since the profit margin in the franchise business is attractive, the earning can be substantial if one works hard.
• The magnitude of sales can be increased at a marginal cost because promotional stuff and the pharma company manages promotional stuff and branding.
• It is possible to take as many product categories as one wants, depending on budget. By starting one product or class, it is possible to build a big business.
• The most significant benefit is that there are no fixed or defined sales targets in a PCD Pharma Franchise business.
• The entrepreneurs have enough liberty to take strategic business decisions. It means, it is the perfect model where entrepreneurs can shape the business as per their aspirations.
In short, it is a business model with unlimited business opportunities. Looking at the overall economic growth;the Indian market is perfect for launching a PCD Pharma business today.
With time, it can touch amazing heights of success.
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